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Surface actionable insights and

expedite fact-based decisions.

Applied Research to Solve Business Challenges


We empower organizations to leverage data and business intelligence to deliver dramatically better business results.  


Our research services will help you tackle issues, such as:


  • What are our customers' perceptions about our services?

  • What are their Critical to Quality (CTQs) criteria? Where should we invest to meet those?

  • Which solutions would contribute most to growing new sales and market assets?

  • How can we surface hidden sources of efficiency and cost savings can we identify?

  • What priority business processes can be simplified/streamlined to deliver better customer service or business performance?

  • What are our employee perceptions on key elements of company culture, manager effectiveness, equity, or working conditions? 




Our data scientists and statisitcians will bring cutting edge research techniques to you to help you mine your exsiting data and uncover revealing insights about your business and customers.


We listen to your business challenges and will craft a research strategy and project that precisely addresses your priority issues — 

some data gathering techniques may include:


Our Resume:

  • Economist (Harvard Business School) who guides analytic approaches to maximize efficiencies in fiscal operations, investments, and project/process management.

  • Data Scientist (Princeton University) bringing the value of operations and marketing analytics to the line-of-business, using analytical leverage to improve business results and increase profitability and shareholder value.

  • Statisician (GE Master Black Belt and former Research Assistant to Dr. W. Edwards Deming - Father of the modern Quality Movement) provides strategic quality solutions statistical analysis and Lean Six Sigma coaching to teams.

  • Programmer (MENSA member) of custom reports and visually indelible data visualization formatting.

  • ...among other talented team members with deep expertise in the collection, interpretation, and utilization of business data to drive outcomes.



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