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Strategic Engagement Skills


Elevate your ability to influence change through ‘Strategic Engagement Skills’.

Professionals leading major business initiatives know from experience that influencing executives and employees to adjust to a fast-changing environment is the key to getting results. ‘Guiding others through change’ is one of the most critical, and at the same time, most underdeveloped capabilities in a professional’s repertoire.  It is also among the most challenging to develop without guidance, and few disciplines cover it in their curricula. The Center for Strategy Realization has helped numerous professionals like you address that gap.

Solve Your Toughest Issues

High-energy modules immerse you in relevant concepts and cases through application. Program content drives directly to the core of the most challenging people related issues on major projects:

  • Enhance Sponsorship
    Shape sponsor behavior patterns for success; together create the compelling story they must tell and reframe key issues.
  • Improve Role Positioning
    Move from a ‘helper’  to a strategic advisor; play a value-added development role with sponsors.
  • Coach Leadership Teams
    Learn incisive questions that align leaders on divisive issues; deal with dysfunction and political challenges.
  • Enhance Project Teams
    Shape direction faster; improve team decision making and coordination; reduce confusion and conflict.
  • Strengthen Middle Management
    Artfully guide people managers to localize change and develop the commitment necessary for success.
  • Drive Engagement
    Learn the exact employee dialogue required for change; address deep resistance and non-compliance.
  • Develop Accountability
    Learn how to deepen accountability and sustain results through persuasive dialogue and other techniques.



The Strategic Engagement Skills Program guides mid-senior level professionals to reach new levels of capability by applying powerful influence and engagement techniques that dramatically enhance personal effectiveness, the ability to develop their leaders, and drive results to the bottom line.

This program is ideal for Operational Excellence/Sigma/Quality, Change Professionals, Project Managers/PMO, HR Business Partners and a variety of other professionals leading or supporting major organizational initiatives requiring behavior change.



Learn to Change Behavior

Built around a comprehensive change leadership competency assessment, this program integrates a variety of interactive methods to reveal the most current and effective ways to deepen presence, frame expectations, and reframe difficult issues to effectively influence sponsors, leadership teams, middle level managers and employees to engage in the behaviors necessary for success.

The in-depth, 2-day in-class workshop or 8-week virtual live curriculum is designed for professionals committed to becoming effective influencers, successful relationship managers, and great coaches. The course teaches the full range of practical skills needed to guide others through change.

Most importantly, the program is specifically designed to teach strategic engagement skills intuitively, through situations and conversations that project professionals deal with every day. With a practical and easy to apply approach, it focuses on modeling the actual words and techniques required to support others in leading real world change.

Interactive and Hands-On

  • Personal Skills Assessment
    Participants complete a comprehensive assessment of their competencies across seven dimensions. This creates a detailed roadmap for development and action planning.
  • Learning Labs
    Focused, short-burst modules dive deep into concepts, surface questions, and sustain energy. Application accelerates ROI.
  • Project Assessment
    Uncover patterns of success and under-performance on your project; identify actions needed to address.
  • Anytime/Anywhere Access
    In addition to in-class materials, receive access to a private portal available 24/7 on multiple devices to ensure constant access to tools: assessments, checklists, frameworks, and conversation guides.
  • Networking
    From mixed group sessions, leverage a high-performing peer group offering a supportive a ‘stretch’ environment that takes performance to the next level.
  • Expert Instructors
    Experienced implementation leaders with deep business acumen share insights and guide participants through  dynamic discussions and practical examples.



For Professionals Leading Change:

  • Accelerate project results, consistently achieve tough goals, and position yourself in a more strategic role.
  • Effectively coach leaders on how to sponsor and execute change.
  • Develop a reputation for building relationships that help executives achieve what they say they want.
  • Overcome personal agendas; navigate the politics of change with less risk.
  • Communicate and influence skillfully to break down barriers, reduce friction, and influence motivation.
  • Formulate powerful questions that create insights and bring  important issues to the surface for resolution.
  • Develop the gravitas  that is essential to address difficult behavior.
  • Facilitate persuasive conversations that move people to action.

For the Organization & Executives:

  • Realize the business benefits and ROI expected from major initiatives.
  • Develop capabilities required to achieve the company’s transformation; accelerate results and restore productivity quickly.
  • Build a performance culture that achieves vital goals and objectives.
  • Engage employees at all levels and prepare key talent for future roles.
  • Build the foundation for an agile internal capability that can  be deployed to change company culture and drive enterprise goals.



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“Applied practicality! That sums up the fabulous experience I had in your program. Before I took this course I knew I was missing something. I quickly found out what; after each module the void was filled.”

Tanya N., Director, Change Management Office
Manitoba Hydro


“Experience and insights that are worth their weight in gold … a success factor in any change is developing, nurturing and supporting leadership in their role as change agents, and at that you’re a seasoned pro and effective teacher.”

Donna S., Head of IT Change Management -CN Rail

“The training you offered helped me understand how to change the perception of my role from change management implementer to change management leader & strategic thinker.”

Estella B.

Estella Boney-Dennis, Deputy Director Change Management

New York City Transit