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Become more capable of leading change.


Senior Executives

Achieve maximum results from strategic initiatives with less internal drag and more market advantage.

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Apply deep execution capability and influence to assure initiatives and leaders fully deliver expected results.

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People Leaders

Assure your team delivers their best performance, especially during times of disruption and change.

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Talent & Learning Leaders

Improve organizational performance by developing execution capabilities at every level, now and in the future.

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Play a consultative change advisory role, transfer skills to the business, & achieve exceptional results.

Deepen in-house change experience among a small cadre of professionals – develop critical change competencies & reduce reliance on costly external support. ‘Methodology neutral’ approach integrates seamlessly with any project methodology. 


  • Storytelling
    Initiate, develop & sustain the effective sponsorship and compelling story upon which the entire implementation must be built.
  • Positioning
    Overcome frustration & position your own role for success; effectively influence and guide others from beginning to end.
  • Alignment
    Identify & navigate the power hierarchy behind your implementation. Align leaders, accelerate decisions, diffuse tension & dysfunction.
  • Facilitation
    Assure effective project team functioning, even when you are not in charge. Guarantee true customer interests are reflected in solutions.
  • Coaching
    Accelerate ‘uptake’ of the change through precise techniques that power up local execution- without creating chaos or losing control.
  • Engagement
    Liberate fear... make the change deeply personal, manage mindsets & create the ‘safety net’ people feel they need to succeed.
  • Accountability
    Address operational issues to assure the change achieves desired results & address culture issues to solidify and sustain the change. 
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