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Fully realize the benefit of strategic initiatives.



Think of us as your Results Center of Expertise.  

We'll support you through the end-to-end strategy execution process and in building the specialized internal capabilties needed to realize your most important strategic priorities.

Purpose- Clarifying Strategic Intent

Pinpoint and define the key drivers of innovation and performance in your organization:

  • Data mining and benchmarking to identify customer requirements & performance gaps
  • Position key strategic options and decisions - Executive Team Facilitation
  • Set up strategic Framework: Objectives, Measures/KPIs, Targets
  • Exeuctive alignment on priority Identification & Accountabiity 
  • Creation of compelling story
  • Assess Business Model and Core vs. Non-Core against strategy
  • Establish strategic portfolio initiatives, timing, and resources

Deployment of C4SR Business Transformation ArchitectureTM suite.

Program- Enterprise Execution Capability

Flexible approach matched to your business needs:

  • Implmentation Portfolio Selection, Prioritization, & Governance
  • Deployment of customer focused Innovation & Continuous Improvement solution teams
  • Initiative Dependency & Organization Capacity Management
  • Realization planning, tracking, & synthesis
  • Execution Capabilities Assessment & Maturity Plan
  • Execution Structure, Roles, & Responsibilities
  • Implementation Network Deployment

Deployment C4SR Innovation & Continuous ImprovementTM suite.

People - Change Management & Communications

Optimizing the people side of execution for speed, productivity, and reduced friction:

  • Assess Business Readiness to implement solutions identified
  • Change Management - increase commitment & reduce resistance
  • Communications strategy, plan, and content
  • Identify new behaviors required to fully realize benefits
  • Capacity /Overload avoidance
  • Executive, Program Lead, Manger & Employee Change Skills
  • Performance Management, Talent Management, & Learning Plans
  • Technical Writing to support complex technical changes.

Deployment of C4SR Change Management FrameworkTM and suite.


Develop the capabilities to lead large, complex organizational changes that deliver results:

  • Executive Readiness Assessment & Plan
  • Senior Leaders- Accountabliity through Enterprise Scorecard & Performance Measures Cascade
  • Portfolio Leaders - Running the Enterprise Transormation Realization Office (TRO)
  • People Mangers- 38 Micro-programs to support local implemenation & performance
  • All leaders- Building Organizational Resilience to advance large scale change
  • Transformation or Initiative Realization Assessment & Plan
  • High-Performing Organization Culture Assessment & Plan

Deployment of C4SR Change Leadership workshops.  

Data Analytics & Assessments

Take a data-based approach to decision making, problem resolution, and action planning/implemenation:

  • ID Opportunities for improvement & innovation 
  • Identify Customer Critical-to-Quality (CTQs) that drive satisfaction
  • Determine process and human performance against CTQs
  • Understanding customer journey and value stream
  • Eliminating unecessary work and streamlining processes
  • Understanding company culture and employee engagement
  • Informing fact based options and solutions to complex business problems
  • Applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to big data sets

Deployment of C4SR Data Analytics methodology.


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